Renowned Club DJ and electronic Artist Luis Radio announces the arrival of his new independent record label, Groovebom, and sets out the sound of his latest venture.

That good Soulful House, Deep, Afro, Funk, Tech, produced by a mixture of seasoned electronic artists and new global talent. Untroubled by internal strife, untempted by drastic changes of direction, inspired by the long shadows of its own history but with feet planted in the present day and one eye of the future, says proprietor Luis Radio, of the label.

Make a Difference

Luis Radio has been a constant supporter of electronic music, has managed various Labels and Recording Studios in Rome since 1995, and goes full circle with his great new label established in 2021, GROOVEBOM RECORDS is based in Rome, Italy.

True Musical Trend

Musically Groovebom drops in cool waters with his own Artists expertly blending the timeless with the new breed. Yes Sir, we know all about the Dancefloor; welcome to the world of Groovebom Records!

Our Family

Groovebom Records is a vehicle for upcoming and established Artists from all around the World offering captivating sounds and well crafted electronic dance music productions.

Real Vibes

Groovebom Records is the Home of the Real Vibes always with a sense of historical perspective and a deep as well as essential connection to the dancefloor.

Being Forward

Never compromising the Art, being forward thinking and offering quality dance Music from the heart!


Luis Radio

Luis Radio is One of the most influential and old School Dj/ Producers in Italy and a Veteran in the House Music Scene...

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Stefano Guerra

Started composing electronic music in the 80's, with an ancient Atari 1024 running on a simple floppy disk. From there the...

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Mauritzio Baiocchi

Maurizio Baiocchi is an Italian Dj since late 1986 ; he have played several famous Clubs in Rome and all over Italy . Maurizio produced...

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Georgia Cee

Born into music with her father owning night clubs, she is an italian singer now based in new york city. she has had a busy history...

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